SPACEbiz© - Point of Sale Module

SPACEbiz©   is a touch screen friendly Point of Sale system with a number of advanced user friendly features ranging from Cash register / Till Point functions, Bar Code Scanning, Clock System for managing of employee working hours, PLU Information with Photos, Recipes and Ingredients, Order Registration, Client Selection for Accounts payment and Loyalty program stats to a range of key report functions.

SPACEbiz© presents a wide range of direct Point of Sale features:

  • Menu/PLU design – that includes the structuring of categories through branching of Menu/PLU items

  • Advanced Floor Plan Editor – that allows you design unlimited floor designs within the Browser
    (Mozilla – FREE)

  • Table Operations – that includes open, close, merge, transfer, split of tables etc.

  • Order Operations & Invoicing – that includes orders, menu categories, instructions pop-ups, splitting of bills, proforma invoices, invoice printing, methods of payments, etc.

SPACEbiz© further prevents possible theft through re-printing of slips and therefore, every re-print function is supervised.  The system can retrieve information from the terminals on the ingredients of a specific dish as well as its plating information and a photo of the prepared meal.

SPACEbiz© is a Client – Server Application based on HTTP/Ajax for data exchange.  The Data Base used is MySql 5. The server is Apache 2.2.  The Print System that the server is using allows for flexible printing options for either Waiter Stations Slip Printing or for Order Printing.  The system currently supports all types of Slip Printers, as well as IP/Remote printers.  The Point of Sale software supports Normal Screens, Touch screens, Cash Drawers, Pole Display, Bar Code Readers, Dallas Key authentication, etc. and is compatible with almost any PC.  SPACEbiz© provides three groups of functions: Waitron Functions, Supervisor Functions and a Time Control Functions. The Authentication is server driven and allows various ways of authentication – Pin Code, Swipe Card, Dallas Key, etc.