SPACEbiz© - Back Office Management Software

SPACEbiz© Back Office is web-based software that enables you to connect through a security level protocol, to your back of house system from any computer connected to your restaurant network or via the Internet from anywhere in the world to view real-time financial and restaurant management information via a normal Web Browser.

SPACEbiz© Back Office consists of several modules on its own:

  • Cash Control Module - includes: Petty Cash Control, Daily Cash-up procedures, Staff Loans/Wages, Expenses and a Creditors & Debtors module.

  • Menu Designer Module – includes: Comprehensive Recipes Design, Ingredients and Yield Management, Menu PLU design, Pricing and Costing design, Preparation Methods, and Printing of Recipe Manuals. All Recipe Ingredient Costs are automatically updated in real-time through the Cost System Module. This means that every time you process an invoice, you can query and automatically update your menu cost per item or per category.

  • Cost Center Module – this module allows for multiple cost centers (departments), stock types, organize it in Categories and Bins and a very advanced Purchasing and Food Cost Analyses. The system further allows for real-time on site or head office analysis of certain criteria e.g. Unit prices, Recipe Costs, etc. The Cost center consists of two different systems of stock control – a Daily Theoretical Stock Control and a First-In First-Out (FIFO) cost control for the more accurate and realistic food cost analyses.

  • Clock System Module – an advanced real-time clock-in and clock-out system for managing working hours, absent days, sick days, etc.

For example:
Query the user’s sales for a specific period, per section of the restaurants (smoking or non-smoking, inside or outside) and for specific products, like Beer and Coke only.  Reports on Expenses, Turnover, Cost, Sales, Clock System, Voids, Returns, etc are available.  One of the advanced functions is that it records every void and the reason for the void, and builds up historical information.  The system has marketing reports such as customer feedback slips, where you can retrieve the information on a questionnaire designed by yourself and report that for any period of time or per waitron, monitoring each user’s performance, or restaurant’s performance or per restaurant brand.  Graphical displays can be drawn for several of our reports.


SPACEbiz©is a Mod_perl 2 Application utilizing Persistent Database Connection to ensure maximum performance through Web.  It is using XHTML, JavaScript and AJAX to provide excellent Web Graphics User Interface.

The fact that we are using Apache 2.2 and Mod perl makes the Back Office very stable and ultra-fast. 99% of the functionality of the software are responding to the user in less than 80ms (milliseconds).  All information is kept which means that the system allows you to analyse historic data without influencing the operational speed of the system.  Even with 10 years of information on the system, the speed will not be influenced.  Our Interface is designed to allow for export of information from any screen with ease.