Intuitive software

SPACEbiz© software is characterized by neat logical screens and clear proprietary icons. The screen flow is intuitive and logicaland puts the user in control with the touch of a button. Staff training time is reduced from hours to minutes as SPACEbiz© is very user-friendly.



Operational stability


SPACEbiz© has the stability of all major Web Systems like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. The up-time of a Web System versus any normal desktop application is far more superior and stable. Just compare your ordinally desktop application versus the stability of Yahoo and other online services.





The user interface of the SPACEbiz© environment is very user friendly and is as flexible as a normal Web Site where interactivity is enriched by Hyper linking.



Management information


SPACEbiz© provides real-time management information. The reports give comprehensive information like sales per time period, sales area, employee, department, article or a combination of these. Reporting can be done on screen, as a preview, printed or export to a file or copy to any spreadsheet or via e-mail. SPACEbiz© also offers a complete Stock Control system with cost management.  It is even possible to reproduce historical records to trace suspect user transactions. All these features put you in control of your business and it’s for FREE!



External software interfaces

As you can expect from a professional hospitality software solution, SPACEbiz© can offer interface solutions with popular accounting-, bar automation- or hotel management software.





Using handheld wireless work stations, has been fully integrated in SPACEbiz© software. The handheld work station operates the same as the stationary version; functions, management and lay-out of the screens are exactly the same.  For instance if you want to make a changes in the menu, these changes will be automatically be updated on the work stations.  SPACEbiz© guarantees a fast and dependable data transfer. Using handheld wireless technology will provide better efficiency resulting in:

  1. Higher spend-per-head through better server efficiency.
  2. Increased turnover because of faster order process.
  3. Increased turnover by turning tables faster.
  4. Needing less qualified staff resulting in less personnel costs
  5. A more tranquil working environment.



The cost calculation for SPACEbiz© installation is based on the number of work stations.  Usually touch screen stations, possibly wireless handheld work stations and a back office station. The back office manages your Point of Sale system and generates management reports.

Interface modules are optional features of SPACEbiz© and include accounting, hotel management and dispenser soft- or hardware. The interface enables information exchange with these systems.




SPACEbiz© software is dynamic and constantly further developed.  Most of the time developments are made on request of current users. If you chose the software updating subscription (SUS), you will receive all the updates of the most recent developments and additions to the SPACEbiz© software.  This ensures that the SPACEbiz© software stays ahead of time and will never be outdated!