SPACEbiz© - Head Office Centralised Control & Reports

SPACEbiz© is a unique Multi-Brand, Multi-Restaurant, Central Web Based and Real-time Restaurant Head Office application.

This module enables a Head Office to view real-time information on all restaurants from anywhere in the world.  The main advantage of this system is that it is multi-brand and that it has two-way communication abilities.  It is possible to re-cost your menu at any time, and by one click, do a scheduled price update for the next morning, or query who the waitron was that served Table 12 on the 12 of February 2006.
The head office application can also draw combined reports by brand.

Example: A monthly turnover report for all the brands collectively or alternatively by brand,  per region or both, if available.  A single click will allow you to see much more detail by individual waitron, or allows you to see how your kitchen performed for the month by analyzing your returns and the reasons for the returns. SPACEweb® caters for a budget function to create and maintain a budget for the restaurants at restaurant and head office level where it is possible to allow for seasonal fluctuations by predefining your ideal revenue per available seat through the different days of the week and by month for a pre-difined financial year of your choice.


The budget report is automatically updated in real-time. It is dynamic and current and provide important indicators and variances on food & liquor cost, operational expenses and has an intelligent real time forecast function based on the budget vs. the actual for the month or part of month or year or part of a financial year.


Head office has the ability to rectify incorrect entries on the budget, i.e. incorrect supplier prices, capturing errors in stores, analyze real-time food-cost, as well as menu cost, design of new menus online and draws all reports available on store level.


With our web-based head office, centralized accounting is made really easy. The head office application has a user management system, allowing multiple users to have access to different information It is all web based and therefore accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Example: Sitting in head office you can see how John Smith performed in terms of Average Head Spend, Liquor Sales, Red Wine in specific, as well as, what was the customers’ feedback about his service for the last two months.  Password controlled access is available from anywhere in the world, that allows you to query the time your bar has closed the previous night.