Implementation, Training and Installation.
Product Specification Hardware

SPACEbiz© implementation

SPACE Solutions delivers the SPACEbiz© system either remote or on site depending on the site requirements.  The whole implementation path will be guided by one and the same consultant.  Configuration, with your selection of hardware, will be preceded by tests at the location (usually in the case of wireless communication).


The lay-out of your SPACEbiz© software and hardware package will be custom made to your specific requirements and wishes.  This is accomplished in consultation with the client, usually on location.  Together with the client, a so called implementation scenario is filled out. This scenario is the foundation of the custom developed automation solution.

The client will supply specific data (like menu’s, prices, and required management reports). Our consultant will take pictures of the different sales areas to create the floor plan. With this data the database will be custom designed.


The customised software will be tested on a network at our offices.  The client is then invited to test and approve the system whilst it is still possible to make changes in the software.
A date for final installation on location is planned and the system will be approved and accepted.


After installation our consultant will conduct a training course for management and staff.  The ease of use of the SPACEbiz© system will astonish all the participants and will make the training to be a pleasant experience


Once the client has worked with the system for about two weeks our consultant will follow up and will discuss any fixes to details that might be apparent in practice.  After the changes have been made satisfactorily, final delivery of the system will take place.


With the system delivered and paid for, our service does not stop.  We will contact, and if necessary visit the client from time to time, enquiring about experiences with the system. During these visits possible software updates can be installed and explained to staff members.  In choosing SPACEbiz© software from SPACE Solutions(Pty)Ltd you are assured of  swift and continuous service!




SPACEbiz© installation requirements

Our offers are based on existing infrastructure.  This means a (preferably) certified Cat5e network and a network switch with ample free slots.  All system hardware locations will need a power plug.  A separate phase for dedicated computer use is preferential.  To enable a remote connection through modem and to solve possible problems from our office, we require a fast internet connection, preferably DSL.  Of course SPACE Solutions can assist with technical advice as well as supplying internet support.




Product Specification Hardware

Non proprietary hardware can be used for the SPACEbiz© solutions.  We can offer various hardware solution proposals but you will choose the configuration best suited for your needs. 

PC Workstation

The PC Workstation is selected for it’s purpose. Processor speed, memory, etc. are important.  We always select the most compact solution for the job, ease of use and the least loss of precious storage space under the counter.

Touch Screen Monitors

Depending on your needs we propose any of 3 different options:

  • 15/17” TFT Touch Monitor
  • Sturdy
  • Specifically designed for POS applications.
  • Optionally integrated magnetic card reader (MCR).


Integrated solution of touch screen monitor and PC workstation. Used in case of lack of space or if Workstation needs to be transportable

Build-in solution
Solid industrial quality touch screen that can be built in the interior.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) works like an automatic power generator in case of a power cut as well as a buffer in case of a lightning strike. The time you want to be independent and the number of workstations and peripherals determine the necessary capacity (VA).

 Thermal Production Printer

A thermal slip printer can be used as bill- or bar printer. It guarantees ultra fast and quiet operation and clear prints of constant quality. It is very reliable using the rolling blade autocut technique, avoiding paper jams. Printing speed: 28 mm/sec, 40 Kb data buffer. Includes cash drawer interface and supports barcode printing.


Matrix Production Printer

A matrix slip printer is specially designed for the kitchen. The hanging design saves space  and avoids messy operation. The matrix print technology makes it suitable for a warm environment. Bi-colour print for highlighting special food preparation requests. Printing speed: 12 mm/sec, 7Kb data buffer.


 Bill Printer

Special bill printer to create professional looking guest invoices printed on pre-printed stationary in either A5 or A4 format.
Laser or matrix technology depending on personal preference or size of the restaurant. Sheet feeder included.


Access Devices

Different solutions for system access can be supplied. Standard in the SPACEbiz© Software is a log-in number access.  For improved security Special access hardware exists.

  • MCR, magnetic card reader: can be installed attached to
    the touch screen. Waiters wear a credit card that needs
    to be swiped to log-in.
  • KEYPAD Login: The simplest and safest means to access the system. Each user has a specific code allocated to them; the system is accessed by simply entering their codes on the keypad.
  • Dallas Key Reader: a small key device with a unique pin code that the user pushes onto the reader and the waiter is logged in. This is a very durable device.


Our guarantee to you

Your investment is guaranteed through professional assistance of qualified consultants. Every SPACEbiz© system supplied, includes configuration, installation, training and support. There are no hidden charges and there will be no other bills! You own the whole system.