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Streamline all aspects of your front of house functions.


Back of House

Get deep insight into the operations of your business


Web based

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Unique POS and Business management  software with unlimited power and customization possibilities

Welcome to  the future of point of sale and business management


The Future of Point of Sale

Spacebiz is the world’s first fully web based point of sale. This enterprise grade system has been on the market for 9 years. Even though we are an enterprise solution, we offer one of the most cost effective point of sale systems with integrated back of office functionality in the market today.
The system consists of superior cash control, four different stock control systems, debtor and creditors controls, Production/recipe costing and design, recipe printing with photos, live remote access, barcode generation and much more.


Fully Web Based

Being fully web based, SpaceBiz opens new horizons for the maintaining and reporting of your business from a central location as well as from anywhere on the internet.

The hardware requirements are minimal and there are no special devices required. Slip printing, pole displays, secondary screen etc are all supported.

Spacebiz is suitable for both large and small orgainisations. The package also includes monthly remote support for all stations as well as the server. The system is hosted in-house and does not depend on an internet connection.

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Hypergate Accessibility

• Supplier and Customer online accessibility 24/7
• Push stock control via economic minimum / maximum stock quantities
• Push account control and early payment settlements
• Preferred supplier stock and cost control
• Supplier – Access to Sales Stats for market analysis
• Customer – Access to Purchase Stats for product analysis
• Customer – Access to account status and timeous account settlement


  • Caters for all Industries

  • Features include

    • Create Quotes

    • Recall Documents

    • Apply unique pricelists to Customer accounts

    • Determine and lock minimum GP% values

    • Weight & Pack values on invoicing

    • Picking slips, Delivery notes and much more

For all the flexibility and control you need over your business, miniPOS is the solution for you

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