Space Software

  • Point of Sale
  • Multi user authentication via Pin Code, Swipe card or barcode
  • 8 different screen modes including; Restaurant, Cash bar, Take Away, Retail etc
  • Supervisor control for price overide, Re-Printing, Voids, Splitting, Cash refunds, Restaurant returns, Table/Cash Point Transfer
  • Unique design for PLU screen – 3 different modes – highly customisable, user friendly and stable, Including PLU shortcuts, PLU instructions, QTY, Price overide, Re-Order
  • Back Office
  • Multi store, Multi user, Multi cost center
  • Allows multiple user levels and permissions to various functions in the back office
  • Sophisticated and easy stock control.Actual VS theoretical Variance – Daily or over a period of time. Actual FIFO, GP/Cost report. Theoretical VS storage bin, cost center or store
  • Purchase order system, Par level control, Price variance warning, Goods received Vouchers, Supplier credit notes etc.